EBM Zinc Recovery
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About This Project

VPE subsidiary EBM Projects has requested the expertise of CDE Process to assist with the hydromining of the neutral leach dump, which comprises 2.5-million tons of zinc material, situated on a 240 ha estate that will be processed over an eight- to nine-year period.

Due to the neutral leach formed between 2000 and 2010 as a result of zinc/copper ore treatment from the effluent plant, CDE Process’s focus would be to treat the Tailings with acid leach filtration followed by hydroxide precipitation and filtration.

The estimated value of the property’s remaining in-situ lead, silver, gold and iron-ore resources is estimated at about R22-billion.

The property comprises a high hazard certified waste disposal dam, as well as two gold tailings dumps and an iron/zinc/lead residue dump. The dam currently contains lead/silver tailings material removed from a previous tailings dump, which now lies vacant.

Of the two gold dumps, the 7L3 gold dump is the more interesting asset, as it contains between 0.7 g/t and 1 g/t gold.

As VPE is the newly established, transformation-focused division of Vele Investment that has prioritised investment opportunities to stimulate growth and transformation connecting equity with high-growth; CDE Process would attempt to progress to their next stage of development.
The Project will focus on ending in quarter 2 of 2019.


Refurb / Brown Fields