Our Services
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Our Services

CDE Process offers complete engineering services that extends from conceptual design and feasibility studies through all aspects of the project life cycle to the final process commissioning and financial closeout, including engineering and project management. Our Engineering Team has been involved in a wide spectrum of projects for various clients.

CDE Process provides a Multi Disciplinary Engineering Design service and Project Management services to a number of clients.

Pre-Feasibility & Feasibility Studies

Conducted by our team who are designed to outline and analyses alternatives or methods of achieving the desired outcome that would be aligned to the potential stakeholder business strategy.

Detailed Design and Implementation

Being one of the most important elements, where CDE Process has 40+ cumulative years’ experience elaborating each aspect of the project/product by presenting a complete description through solid modelling, drawings as well as specifications to meet the customers’ business strategy.

Project Execution, Management & Engineering Management

Execution requires a specific set of behaviours and techniques of which CDE Process, as a team, has mastered in order to have competitive advantage; it is a discipline we own.

Plant Commissioning

CDE’s commissioning process is a controlled activity, well-coordinated with the mechanical, electrical and quality control teams.  All the guaranteed parameters/requirements are measured and ensured excellence.

Plant Performance Evaluation

Once a project has been completed, and is on-line, CDE Process will ensure that the facilities are functioning efficiently and effectively, and delivering the quality output required. Our audits can evaluate engineering design, functionality, demand limitations, physical plant performance and condition, and operational efficiencies, to ensure optimum output and compliance to internationally accepted standards and codes.

Engineering Audits and Technical Evaluations

CDE Process is proactive in this process to develop and drive improvement and assure the integrity of plant equipment and operations both in the engineering and technical areas.

Techno-Economic Evaluations

Performed in a diligent manner, CDE Process ensures a highly accurate prediction of costs before pilot project agreement, lessening investor risk and assurance that the solution path is financially viable.

Due Diligence Studies

A process we understand as, required carefulness.